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Are you ready to capitalize on every future opportunity? The Strategic Readiness Assessment can help you identify weaknesses or threats that could jeopardize the future success of your organization and measure your ability to capitalize on strengths and opportunities.

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This startup survey has some hard questions you need to answer before you take the plunge into business ownership? Every business owner I know wishes someone would have asked them these questions before they launched.

Are We Paddling in the Same Direction?

There are thousands of consultants you could work with and many of them would deliver great results. So, why would you work with us?

It’s not mystical and there are no giant binders to sit on the shelf and collect dust. It’s just a deliberate, well-thought-out plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

As businesses grow, they become more complex.  It becomes necessary to replace intuition with repeatable, measurable processes that ensure quality, thoroughness and excellent service.

You want to scale, but still feel in control. You want product and service delivery to remain consistent. You want to target and communicate effectively with the best potential customers.

Whether you define succession as preparing the best people for leadership positions or making plans for what will happen when the boss retires, it’s never too early to start planning.

It might seem like there’s plenty of other things to do, but nothing is more important than finding, developing and keeping the right people. And it has to be done at both the individual and team level.

It’s hard being the boss. Everyone is expecting you to deliver all the answers. It’s good to have someone around to act as a sounding board and, when you need it, to provide a different perspective.

You don’t have time for a lengthy planning process – tying up you and your key team members for endless meetings. We know that. We quickly get to the heart of what’s going on in your organization.

It’s hard to make and easy to spend and everyone wants more of it. It requires discipline and understanding to handle it wisely. You need a framework to invest it in a way that accelerates growth.

It’s great to do something you love to do. It’s also incredibly easy to spend time doing things that don’t add value. As the demands on your time increase, it’s essential to choose wisely.


Truthful evaluation, thoughtful options and deliberate actions to move your organization from the current state to the desired state.

Meet Mike

Our passion for business owners is borne out by the things they say about working with us.

  • A business friend of mine recommended ClearVision Consulting and I could not be more satisfied. Mike sat down with me and my partners multiple times, he listened, he asked questions and he came to understand our business model. He presented us with a detailed proposal and a competitive price and he delivered on both, and he continues to follow up with us. I highly recommend ClearVision Consulting.

    David Smith | Diversified Logistics Training Solutions
  • We have enjoyed working with Mike. He has helped us bring clarity to our Mission and Vision for the company. His guidance with evaluating our employee development plans and implementing a process has been very helpful and we have gotten good feedback from our employees on the new process. He has helped us stay "on-task" which was needed in order to get this accomplished.

    Monica Santos | Antella Consulting Engineers
  • Mike is a take charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate their benefits. He is a highly intelligent hard worker who never loses sight of his goals. He is also a fine person and a dedicated family man with a great deal of integrity who I am proud to call a friend.

    Shannon Gomer | Lakewood Camping Resort
  • Mike is a hard worker who pays attention to detail. He is a free thinker that can anticipate and make well thought out decisions. He works well independently and has a work ethic that most should envy. Most importantly, Mike has a mind and eye for the big picture.

    Chris Christian | The Kansas City Star
  • My company contracted Mike Chirveno during a rough time in the economy in 2008. He brought with him a knowledge and experience that were integral in the survival of my company.

    Chris Motley | Motley Creations
  • Mike profoundly impacted the success of our organization in ways that will carry us for many years. Mike’s organizational prowess, analytical skill, and ability to manage all facets of strategic projects are simply superior to others within our organization.

    Ken Batrick | The Kansas City Star


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Our Services

The only good strategy is one you can execute. We are experienced strategists, but more than that, we have decades of experience in operations. Your plans will be translated into actions that will transform your organization.

Business Consulting

We’ve worked with dozens of clients on a wide range of strategic, tactical and operational initiatives. Our proven methodology of investigation, analysis, iterative solution creation, implementation and measurement delivers real results and meaningful transformation for our clients. Many of our clients have engaged us for additional work after seeing the success of our initial work.

Strategic Planning Workshop

The Strategic Planning Workshop is a deep dive into your organization. It requires pre-workshop homework, attendance at every workshop session and the commitment of you and your leadership team for the implementation. The duration is driven by the size of the organization, but for a small business, it is typically conducted over six half-days plus homework.

The Business Framework

The Business Framework brings structure to the most critical disciplines of the organization – culture, people, value creation, marketing, finance, metrics, operations – but gives freedom within that structure to address unique challenges. It’s an operating system for your business. Make your organization healthy and poised for future growth.

Leadership Development

Whether it’s prepping someone for their first supervisory role or readying a seasoned manager for an executive role, we have a leadership development plan ready. We have core curriculum that we supplement with content directly tailored to the advancing employee. Your organization will never be stronger than the people who lead it.

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