Mike Chirveno

I grew up in the home of a successful small business owner. I saw how hard it was to make that business work. There were lots of early mornings, late nights and weeks away from home. I saw the struggle to find and keep good employees and the ongoing challenge of filling the sales pipeline. I have great admiration for the people who risk their personal resources and bank on their God-given talent and relentless effort to build a business to provide for themselves and for their families and make their community a better place. That’s why I started ClearVision Consulting.

After spending 24 years in corporate America, I quit my job and started my own small business in 2006. My singular goal then and now is to help the owners of small/medium enterprises build the business they always wanted through sound strategic planning, operational excellence and effective use of technology. I bring the knowledge and experiences of 24 years in the corporate world where I was fortunate enough to work in strategic planning, operations, project management, sales management, customer service management, collections, logistics and tech management. Along the way, I earned my MBA and now teach strategic planning to MBA students as an adjunct professor at a local university in Kansas City. I am the author of The One Year, Thirty Minute Business Transformation – available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

My approach to consulting is simple. I ask lots of questions about what you want to accomplish. Together, we construct a framework that puts success well within the reach of you and your team. We train, implement, execute and measure until you’ve built the business you’ve always wanted.

Ready to chat? Call me at 816-509-9838 or email me at mchirveno@clearvision.consulting.

I look forward to learning about your business.