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Free Business Report Card

Know anyone that could use a second set of eyes for their small business? This is a chance for you to give your business owner friends a free business assessment.

To celebrate the 10th birthday of ClearVision Consulting, I’m giving away three free Business Report Cards. The Business Report Card is a one-day assessment focusing on the most critical factors for small business health and growth.

Prior to the one-day, on-site meeting, the business owner or manager will receive a detailed online questionnaire. Then during the on-site meeting, we’ll examine 10 critical disciplines that can make or break an organization. Afterward, the owner will receive a written report card identifying the areas in which the business is excelling and the areas in which it is vulnerable.

The Business Report Card is normally billed at $1500, but for the three businesses chosen for this 10th birthday offer, it’s free. Unfortunately, the free offer is limited to businesses in the Kansas City Metro or within a 3 hour drive.

To nominate a business, email me at Send the name and email address of the business owner or manager and a sentence or two on why they are deserving of the free Business Report Card.

Thanks for supporting small business with your nomination.